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Rebirth Education & Research Foundation is affiliated Training Partner of NSDC for Gujarat Urban Livelihood Mission (DAY NULM) (Government of Gujarat’s project to provide skills training and placement to urban youth of urban areas of Gujarat and at present we have 2 DAY NULM Centres in Ahmedabad for 6 job roles in Healthcare sector with training and placement target of 240 participants till March 2018.

Process of Affiliation of DAY NULM Training Centre

DAY NULM Franchise | Register for DAY NULM training center

Rebirth Education & Research Foundation invites applications for establishment of "Training center" for various skill development projects such as DAY NULM, PMKVY, PMKK DDUGKY, MANAS, NDLM etc. Applicants have to apply in a prescribed format.

Who Can Apply?

Individual, self aided/ self-financed institutions of higher and secondary education, registered societies, trusts, companies, etc., having the arrangement of competent counselors, basic infrastructure for class-rooms, laboratories, library, etc. may apply. The experience of operating the teaching institutions or programmes of study shall be preferred.

Basic and Mandatory infrastructure (All below listed are mandatory).

  • Minimum 1500+ Sq ft carpet area including office, classroom, lab( Computer and equipment), wash-rooms etc. Building should well Plastered, Color Distempered/Whitewashed.
  • Reception.
  • Counseling Area.
  • Administrator Cabin.
  • Placement and Entrepreneur Cell.

Mandatory Facilities.

  • Separate washroom facility for male and female trainees
  • drinking water facility
  • Health and Safety Facilities
  • Aadhar Enabled Biometrics attendance machine
  • CCTV Camera
  • Pantry(Kitchen)
  • Fan
  • Air-Conditioning in all classrooms(Optional)
  • Internet Connectivity min 1 MBPS or, 3G/4G.
  • Power Backup (UPS/Genset/Inverter).
  • Library Facility.
  • At least 10 Computers or, Laptops.
  • Laser Printer.
  • Web Cam.
  • Wi-Fi Network.
  • Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • First Aid Kit/Box.

Trainers Eligibility Criteria .

  • Qualification : Min. Graduate/ Diploma.
  • Experience : Min 2-3 years.


Center Staff Requirement .

  • Counselor.
  • Receptionist.
  • Center Administrator.
  • MIS coordinator/ Placement Officer.
  • Mobiliser.

DAY NULM Targets Allocation Methodology

The DAY NULM Targets may be allocated to the TC for a period of 6 or 12 months on the basis of the grading of centres; the capacity of centres with a provision for periodic review (Compliance and Performance) as per the Monitoring Guidelines of DAY NULM. NSDC proposes the below methodology for allocating the targets to various TCs/ approved (or yet to be approved) under DAY NULM 2016-20.

First Target Allocation

1. DAY NULM Targets would be allocated for three months with monthly compliance review and quarterly performance review.
2. Shortlisting of centres: TCs approved by SSCs on SDMS would be eligible to receive the targets; TCs will be shortlisted to ensure sector and geographical coverage; Usable area greater than 1500 is mandatory.
3. TCs will be assessed and verified as per the Monitoring Guidelines of DAY NULM.
4. Targets to be estimated by NSDC PMU basis centre capacity and to be allocated directly to the centres through SDMS.
5. Centre capacity would depend upon number of DAY NULM classrooms; number of Job roles/SSCs affiliated to; number of course hours in a job role (approximately  200 hours), and number of certified trainers.
6. DAY NULM Target allocation methodology is based upon the following assumptions: Number of Operating hours in a day: 8 hours Batch operational hours in a day: 4 hours (2 hours each for theory and practical) Job role-wise number of  classrooms and labs, whichever is less Total number of hours for a job role as prescribed by the SSC
7. For every approved job role PMU will award targets for 3 months to the full capacity as self-declared by the training centres/partners and validated by monitoring team during the visits. This may get altered depending upon spare capacity and performance of the training centre during the interim reviews.
8. In case of non-achievement, targets will roll back and readjusted to better performing centres/partners subject to spare capacities.

Subsequent Quarters.

1. Centre accreditation and affiliation agency to share approved job role-wise requested capacity v/s actual capacity available for all the approved centers.
2. New targets to be allocated in the first half of the month on SDMS only to the affiliated and accredited TCs (exceptions in special areas or underserved geographies).
3. Centers accredited and affiliated within the first fortnight (15 days) of the quarter will be accounted in the same quarter, else in the subsequent quarter.
4. Any TC that undergoes first time accreditation and affiliation or re-accreditation and re-affiliation shall be allocated targets