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How to become our partner? | How to get affiliation for training center?

Download form or Apply online with complete details of self, premises, available equipment’s and plan for business development in the prescribed format of the data sheet attached here.

  • Receipt of the application and data sheet at the registered office of AKNISD and set a schedule of visit by a team of RGCSM professional at the prospective centre, if needed. Eligibility Criteria for AKNISD skills training center The AKNISD skills training center should satisfy the following criteria.
  • Should be in existing business of IT Education or other Vocational Skills Training or should be a professional with the required entrepreneurial acumen.
  • Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a centre with proper infrastructure and main power.
  • Should be committed for providing high quality training to students.
  • Should be willing to be a part of the AKNISD team in accepting the terms and condition and procedures as laid down by AKNISD.

Rebirth Education & Research Foundation (RERFIndia), pioneers in skills training in Gujarat, initiated by E.O.T and C.E.C., registered by the Government under BPT Act 21/1860 and SO. Act 21/1860 vide Regd No: F/3731 (Meh) Guj/3748. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified organization, one of the first in Visnagar and were accorded this Certificate in the year 2014 by ICMPL. RERFIndia is on the way to provide high quality skill training programs in IT, ITES, Apparel, Beauty & wellness, healthcare industry, coupled with innovations and partnerships with leaders in vocational skills training industry under the auspices of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam National Institute for Skill Development (AKNISD).

AKNISD, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed through a special resolution passed in its trustee board meeting has been created with the sole motive to fulfill former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's dream of making every Indian youth knowledge empowered (in IT, Healthcare and Soft Skills) through INDIA - VISION 2020, RERFIndia is on the way to provide high quality skill training programs in various industry, coupled with innovations and partnerships with leaders in various industry.

AKNISD is working with motto “Bridging the gap in demand-supply of industry ready professionals” and all courses are self-employable. Our courses are designed to give the participants knowledge as well as practical skills essential for success in real world situations. We offer long term career in the industries with our courses offering theory, simulation, and practical skills to help participants succeed in the real world of industry.

Guidelines for affiliation with various Sector, AKNISD
TERMS & CONDITIONS for becoming affiliated Training Centre of AKNISD under the prescribed courses in various sectors are as follows:

Affiliation Process

1. Applicant seeking for affiliation of Training Centre/Institution/ College shall fill the prescribed application form (available online only). The applicant should remit the fees as applicable, which will be neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances or situation.

2. After receiving duly filed online application form with mandatory attachments, AKNISDwill after due diligence arrange for a physical verification of the training center by its qualified assessor. The date for physical verification will be notified to the SPOC of the Training Centre on his registered email id and will also be visible on the online portal.

3. The Affiliation Committee of AKNISDwill appoints an inspection team to visit the premises of the institute for physical verification. It will submit a report to the secretary/chairman of the board.

4. After physical visit the Training Centre, if any discrepancy is found in the mandatory requirements, the Training Centre will be guided by the inspection team to make the Training Centre Affiliation ready within a stipulated time. After resolution of the same the training Centre will be accorded the status of affiliation within 7 days.

5. The Training Centre needs to comply with all the guidelines/ rules and regulations of the affiliation for conducting the healthcare sector courses and failure on the part of the Training Centre to comply with the same can lead to cancellation of the affiliation with AKNISD.

6. The affiliation may be granted for a permanent or provisional basis for specific duration and extension of time may be granted on the recommendation of the inspection team of AKNISD.

The following information/ relevant documents need to be furnished with the application.

1. Brief history of the institution indicating the year of incorporation, nature of work, key management members and annual turnover of the last 3 years if applicable.

2. Details of the course/courses of Training in which the applicant is interested to work with AKNISD in various sector.

3. Whether the building of Institute is of its own or rented, if rented a receipt and rent agreement with the Property owner to be attached.

4. A list of employees of the Institute with brief resume and their qualifications.

5. Map of the building with dimensions of classrooms, office and sector lab.

6. Details of available laboratory equipment’s, instruments and other material for theoretical and practical Training.

After having completed all the above formalities and receipt of affiliation fees by AKNISD approved and affiliated Training Centre will have to sign an agreement with AKNISD in which the terms and condition along with the targets allotted for particular job role for the smooth and successful implementation of healthcare sector courses with maximum placements.

It should be very clearly noted that any types of fees/charges once paid, are neither refundable not adjustable in any circumstances. AKNISD will not be responsible for any changes in circumstances of training economic conditions conflicts or disputes with management/member/center/registered candidate or in any other reason.

Affiliation Fees Details

Application processing fees: Rs. 12500.00.
Application Fees: Rs. 1000 paid while applying for the affiliation.
Inspection Fees: Rs. 5000.00 paid for physical verification.
Affiliation Fees: Rs. 6500.00 paid at the time of approval.

Affiliation renewal fees per annum: Rs. 2500.00 *

All the fees/charges mentioned above are to be payable to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam National Institute for Skill Development, Visnagar through NEFT or Cheque. AKNISD will not be responsible for any cash payment or payment done through bank in favor of anybody or any entity other than AKNISD.

For becoming affiliated Training Centre of AKNISD, the application is available in online mode as well as application is available in hard copy on our website and

If the Training Centre achieves annual target of 75% annual fees of Rs. 2500.00 will be charged else the Training Centre will have to reapply for the whole affiliation process by paying fees of Rs. 12500.00

1. Total Area
2. Minimum 250 Sq.Ft Lab with 5 Computer
3. 300 Sq. Ft Class room
4. Councillor Cabin
5. CC TV Camera
6. Drinking Water Facility
7. Separate Library for Students
8. Washroom

1. Necessary Hardware compatibility for Internet ready computer.
2. Printer (Dot Matrix / Inkjet).
3. UPS (500 VA) / Generator.
4. A.C. Unit.

Depending on the potential of the area and under consultation with RGCSM, the study centre should have or should be in a position to acquire the number of computers, printers, equipment, tools and consumable and the proper software that would be required to effectively convey the course to the students. The study centre should have a well-equipped library, housing books as prescribed by the RGCSM central coordinating office. Further the study centre shall subscribe to periodicals as suggested and students should have easy access to both books and periodicals.

The study centre should be able to have a centre at a prime location of the city/town. The centre would have separate class rooms, Computer Lab and Reception / office room. The centre would have proper ventilation and proper lighting. The block and sub block level centres may not have the above infrastructure but should have generally clean surroundings.

Each study centre would be provided with a detailed operational manual which provide guidelines to various aspects like.

  • Internal systems and procedures
  • External Interface
  • Co-ordinations
  • Purchase of classes and practical
  • Examination procedure
  • Certificate issue procedures

The study centre should follow the steps outlined in the manual would be the key essence to the agreement with the study centres.

The AKNISD study centre shall abide by the agreement and conditions followed by all AKNISD centres.

  • The AKNISD study centre shall have to conduct courses as per the rules and syllabus laid down by AKNISD.
  • Non-Refundable Fee for affiliation of AK NISD training center has to be submitted in advance to acquire study center.

  • Note:

  • The affiliation fees is non-refundable in any circumstances.
  • The AKNISD Training Center must renew them before March 31 of each year without paying any charges. After this date, Rs. 2500 / - will have to be paid to continue their center with AKNISD.